How Cider is Made

The traditional method to produce apple cider.


Ancestral Method

The apples are hand-selected from the centenary plants at Saint Marcel, La Salle, Servoz and Novalaise; collected in containers 300 Kg each, and carried to our headquarters at Novalaise, heart of Saboy. Here, they are chopped and pressed in a roller press: the fresh obtained must is decanted on cold and subsequently laded. No oenological adjuvants of no kind are being added, there is a spontaneous fermentation. Once we reach 2,5% alcohol vol, the barrel is cooled and filtered. Then we proceed to bottle the new cider, and as we reach 3,5/4 vol, we pasteurize without degassing or adding adjuvants. Our cider only goes through natural treatments and any sediment would be a result of the same procedure.



Classic Method

We produce the basic classic method from the apple Raventze, cultivated at the area of Saint Marcel. The traditional protocols are applied: the apple is pressed with a vertical press for wine after being milled. Then the must is floated, laded and inoculated with wine yeast strains; once we obtain the base wine, we proceed to a serie of stabilizations until we bottle the cider. The maturation begins, and we foresee an aging of six months before the disgorgement.

All our methods are under study. Our company is devoted to the technical and scientifical research to guarantee, always respecting the varieties of the apples, the pleasantness that our alpine atmosphere gives to a mountain cider. Our first aim is to guarantee a natural product where the technical mastery goes beyond the addition of any external adjuvants.