By Maley Cider, Valle d'Aosta discovers an ancient drink that for ages was on a lot of alpine villages' diners


apple and mountains

Our headquarters are in the heart of Aosta Valley, in the Brissogne area. The provessing is carred out in Aosta Valley and Savoy

At Gignod we produce a sparkling cider with the classic method, only using the apple Raventze. No chemical treatment is performed on our Valdostan apples.

At Alberville  we produce a sparkling cider ith the ancestral method. Son of the MontBlanc and its valleys, this cider is born from the marriage between the autocton apple Raventze (cultivated in Aosta Valley at La Salle, Saint Marcel and Antey) and the apple Coison de Boussy, daughter of the Arve Valley in the High Saboy.

Following the Occidental Alps’ tradition, during the first squeeze of the apples, the pear Blesson gets added.